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Collectors & Their Collections

What is a collection 27x40.jpg
Vanessa 18x24.jpg

InterInterviews by the following were recorded

Intriguing video's  were recorded and can be accessed at the History Center.

Intro Why People Collect 27x40.jpg
Hector the Collector 27x40.jpg
Stanley 24x18.jpg
Pina 16x20.jpg
Charlie 16x20.jpg
Konarik 16x20.jpg
Joan Fisher 16x20.jpg
Walker 18x24.jpg
Patima 16x20.jpg
Griffith 24x36.jpg
Winkelman 16x20.jpg
Turf 20x30.jpg
Jones 20x30.jpg
Moloney 18x24.jpg
Hayes 16x20.jpg
Melinda 20x16.jpg
Will B 16x20.jpg
White 18x24.jpg
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