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From Debris to Creativity and Hope

Saturday, February 24, at 10:00, a new exhibit will open – “Aransas County Strong:  From Debris to Creativity and Hope.”  Harvey will be remembered in the history books, but we will highlight some of the courage, perseverance and kindness emerging during and after the storm.  This exhibit will also showcase the art works of the Live Oak and Fulton Learning Center’s Gifted and Talented Students of Ms. Robin Johnson.  Within weeks of our schools reopening, the students were charged with completing an upcycling project from the Harvey debris to create something beautiful and useful. They looked for trends and beauty in the mess, while also identifying people helping to reconstruct the community.
We will also focus on some of the heroes who emerged during the aftermath – those who helped manage shelters, created a free health clinic, represented Aransas County on a national media platform by speaking to their continuing hope for the community.  Videos of these individuals will reflect what the regional, state, national and international audiences saw about our spirit in the midst of the damage. 

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