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Artists & Their Inspiration” chronicles the history of the Aransas County art community for younger readers. It includes images, subject matter and activities that encourage them to learn more about art, history, nature and science. Topics including bird migration, protecting endangered species like sea turtles and redfish, and artist diversity are covered along with local art history. The book also covers historic material such as the Native Americans, seafood industry, packing companies and restored houses and buildings. The authors worked with local teachers and artists on the book, which was funded by the H-E-B Tournament of Champions. The book is a companion to “The Story of the Rockport-Fulton Art Colony: How a Coastal Texas Town Became an Art Enclave,” to be published by Texas A&M University Press in November, 2021. Work from many colony artists is included in the book, along with historical photographs. Artists include Evelyn Atkinson, Kay Barnebey, Al and Nanci Barnes, Susie Black, Shirley Blackman, Herb Booth, Dinah Bowman, Ed Boyd, Mimi Braniff, Charles Cosby, Jack Cowan, Jackson Ehrlich, Thom Evans, Shirley Farley, Larry Felder, Lisa Frederick, Pam Fulcher, Dick Haweley, Frances Iles, Teresa Justice, Elsa Mathews, Hal McCaskill, Simon Michael, Jesus Moroles, Maria Nesbit, Harold Phenix, Clementina and Ricardo Rivera, Barb Robinson, Russell, Jamie and John Speck, Buck Schiwetz, Kent Ullberg and Chance Yarbrough..

The ABCs of the Rockport-Fulton Art Colony

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