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Sails, Trails, Rails, & Wings

This exhibit showcases the story of transportation in Aransas County.  Artifacts, posters, maps and audio visuals highlight the sailing ships, wagons, trains, cars, and airplanes that moved people and goods in and out of Aransas County.  Rockport began as a port town with the brisk transport of cattle to markets. At the same time in the late 1800s, trails connected to the Chisholm Trail at Cuero and the El Camino Real at Goliad. Much of that traffic was diverted when the railroad arrived in 1888. The Hug-the-coast highway brought tourists by car in the 1930s. Airplanes became a part of the scene in the 1940s when the county leased land to the Navy for training pilots before WW II.

Programs will be held every other Sunday at 2 PM.  Limited seating by reservation (361) 727-9214 (masks required), video on website.

June 21 – Amy Borgens, THC State Underwater Archeologist “Dead in the Water: The Underwater Archeology of Aransas and Nueces Counties”

July 12 – Ken Stavinoha, Station Agent in Eagle Lake, “San Antonio & Aransas Pass RR”

July 26 – Bryan Gonzales, Chisholm Trail

August 16 - Mike Geer, Ar. Co. Airport Manager, “Staging Hurricane Relief”

Sept. 13 – Stephen Gonzales, El Camino Real de los Tejas

Sept. 27 – GLO representative, Maps Showing Early Trails

*All programs have been recorded and are listed on our Program Video page.*

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